A garden is a peaceful place, you think? Hummingz EVO will teach you, that there is WAR under the hood! Shoot your way through many different levels filled with nasty bugs, spiders, frogs, bees and more. Fight huge BOSS enemies and collect extras.

Up for some retro arcade action spiced with extra bullets and BOSS enemies? Hummings comes with beautiful artwork optimized for the iPad display.



- fight huge BOSS enemies like Frogs, Spiders and Bees

- easy to control use just one finger to control your bug

- two game modes for casual and experienced players

- fun and fast arcade style action

- challenging and well known game play

- global high score list

- artwork optimized for the iPad display

The rules are easy


- if it is colored, shoot it

- if it is pale, catch it

All shot items drop down...

Catch 80/100 enemies to receive an extra shot

After 4 extra shots you receive shooting helper bugs

Catch 100 mushrooms to receive an extra live.

Catch a Boss and you receive +30 enemy and +30 mushroom catches.

Catch a Snail to get a +10 seconds magnet bonus ( collect all falling things automatically ).

Poison mushrooms explode when shot and kill surrounding mushrooms too.

In 'Normal' mode the player starts with two shots and you get an extra at 70 caught enemies. The levels and BOSS enemies are easier to play.



- Trail Bugs: 5 points

- Spider: 10 points

- Bee: 15 Points

- Snail: 10 Points

- Poison Bug: 10 Points

- catch killed item: 2 points

- kill BOSS enemy: 300 points + add 30 caught enemies and 30 caught Mushrooms to your counter

File size: 21 MB

Version: 1.1

Download Hummingz EVO for iPhone

File size: 17.6 MB

Version: 1.0

Download Hummingz EVO for iPad


Stop emailing yourself notes and URL links! Stop fumbling with that tiny keyboard! Get myPhoneDesktop now and see What You've Been Missing. myPhoneDesktop provides the easiest way to work with iPhone, iPad or iPod directly from your desktop.

Whether you need to make a phone call; send a long SMS; copy large amount of text; open a long and complicated to retype URL; or save an image to your iPhone - myPhoneDesktop streamlines your workflow.

★★★★★ "myPhoneDesktop transforms the way you move data from a Mac to an iPhone, simplifying the process along the way"

Have you ever tried to type a long SMS on your iPhone? How about entering a long URL where even a single mistake would render it unusable? What about typing a half page of notes?

The shortest way to complete a task is usually the most comfortable way. See how easy it is to send content to your iPhone: Select a URL you need to open on your iPhone. Press the Cmd+C+C and in second see your URL opens on your iPhone. That’s it! myPhoneDesktop even smart enough to recognize type of copied data and perform appropriate action with it. Try to select a phone number, press Cmd+C+C and now your iPhone dials that number. Isn’t that easy?

myPhoneDesktop highly praised by the Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW, MacStories and many other websites as well as really appreciated by the users. Sounds interesting? Stop fumbling with that little touchscreen. Download myPhoneDesktop now and see what your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can really do!


— Universal application works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
— Works over 3G or WiFi (requires creation of a FREE account)
— Complete iOS 4.2 support with ability to run in background for up to 10 min after leaving the app
— Uses Push Notifications to simplify workflow
— Works with multiple accounts and devices
— Call any telephone number from any application or Web browser
— Initiate direct Calls and send SMS through Google Voice
— Import contacts form Apple's Address Book, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or from CSV files (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc)
— Auto-Complete and Quick Dial for Phone Numbers
— Open complicated URL with Map’s location or route on your iPhone in seconds
— Open URLs in alternative browsers - iCab Mobile, Atomic Web Browser, and Perfect Browser
— Simplify sending long SMS to your friend, colleague or a client
— Bring your notes or any amount of text with you in seconds
— Save Images or Photos to your iPhone from any application or Web browser
— FREE Desktop clients (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) or a Web Client
— Handy global keyboard shortcuts (i.e. Cmd+C+C) and automatic content type recognition
— Plug-ins for popular desktop applications like LaunchBar, Quicksilver, Apple Address Book and Google Chrome
— Integration with popular iPhone apps – Skype, Google Search and Map, Todo (by Appigo), Stanza, Instapaper, GV Connect, GoodReader and WolframAlpha
— Bookmarklet to send any content from any Webpage to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

What if I already have apps like Dropbox or Evernote? Do I still need myPhoneDesktop?
Yes! Absolutely! myPhoneDesktop is different. Use myPhoneDesktop to immediately send content to your iDevice and to perform chosen action on received content – call that phone number, open map route, save image into Photo album, and many more...

File size: 1.5 MB
Version: 1.8
Download myPhoneDesktop


The premiere snuggling game on the App Store. Featured by PC World, TouchArcade, Kotaku, Joystiq, Penny Arcade, George Lopez Tonight and countless others!

Snuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you must save your cargo full of fuzzy animals from extinction by delivering them to the zoo in the least amount of time. Tilt your truck, catch cute fuzzies, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way through hills, caverns, deserts, and forests to save the animals!


- Optimized for the iPhone 4 with crisp hi-res graphics!

- Over 40 levels packed with physics gameplay and challenging terrain and obstacles.

- Beautifully hand-painted backgrounds and high resolution graphics crafted by notorious artist of 'Curse of Monkey Island' fame.

- Fuzzy spawners, rocket boosters, backflip achievements, cargo covers, roadkill, moose, teeter-totters, TNT, and more! Snuggle Truck has enough variety to keep your game experience fresh, play after play.

- Full Game Center integration with 25 leaderboard levels and a slew of achievements. Challenge your friends to beat your best times and watch them pale in comparison to your driving prowess.

- Unique medal system rewards multiple gameplay styles. Go for the 'Ark' Award by saving every passenger. Also, try to snag the 'Speed Run Award' which can be obtained by gunning it and beating the fastest run time.

- Built-in wireless remote: Grab the PC/Mac version of Snuggle Truck and use the iOS version as a remote control. Hang back on the couch and play wirelessly thanks to Brass Monkey technology.

File size: 17.7 MB

Version: 1.0

Download Snuggle Truck



TikTok and LunaTik models, priced at $39.95 and $79.95 respectively, are finely crafted from durable and attractive materials.


Wiki Mobile (Ad Free) v1.4
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Formats Wikipedia perfectly for your phone WITHOUT ADS.

Has bookmarks/save to SD
- This is the fastest Wikipedia app available.
Other wiki apps like Wikidroid and Wapedia are filled with ads, slowing down page loads. Browse Wikipedia how it was meant to be browsed: WITHOUT ADS.
* No ads whatsoever. 100% ad-free software.
* Save Wikipedia articles to your SD card (for offline viewing)
* Bookmarks
* Move App to SD
* Live search suggestions
* Voice search
* Supports all Wikipedia languages
* Adjustable text size
* Beautiful home icon
* Featured article
* Quick Search Box integration & a search widget
* Sharing articles
Have a problem or feature suggestion? Please email

More Info:


WiFi File Transfer Pro v0.9.9
Requirements: for Android version 2.1 and higher
Overview: WiFi File Transfer is a light-weight web server that lets you upload and download files to/from your phone over a wireless connection. Transfer files without a USB cable.

* Upload or download multiple files at once
* Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip files
* Password authentication (optional)
* Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories
* Runs as a background service
* View photos directly in your web browser

* In order to use this app, your computer and your phone need to be on the same local area network.
* If you would like to use this app on public WiFi networks, please make sure to set an access password in the app settings.

* This paid version allows you to upload files of any size while the free version is limited to 4 MB per file.

What's in this version:
Fixed directories containing corrupted video files not showing up properly
Added Help section
Login page now redirects to the page that was originally requested, so users can now use browser bookmarks for specific directories when password authentication is enabled
Changed login screen colors
Other minor tweaks

More Info:


VPlayer (Unlocked) v1.1.8
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: VPlayer 1.1.3 is next generation of VPlayer, which brings experimental HW accelerated decoding and rendering to HD MKV/AVI/MOV/FLV/TS/M4V/3GP for most Android devices. Also a new designed UI is available now, and of course, a new icon.

VPlayer is a HW accelerated Media player for android. It use HW video decoder at various containers and audio codecs combination.
Dual Core/High end devices ( Sensation , Galaxy S/S2 , Nexus-S ) can play 720p even 1080p MKV/AVI/MOV/FLV/TS/M4V/3GP.

VPlayer drains less bettery than SW based players such as MX Video Player, MoboPlayer.

ICS devices can play 1080p files with full HW accelerations, Honeycomb tablets can play 720p MKV with Full HW accelerations.

If you use MIUI, CM7 or unofficial ROMs that can not play MKV/FLV/MOV/AVI using default player, VPlayer is the best solution.

Video Codecs
- HW : MPEG-4,H.264,H.263
Audio Codecs
- Mutitle audtio tracks support
- (Advanced) SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), SAMI(.smi), SubViewer(.sub), Subrip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), MPL2(.txt)
- MKV subtitle extraction supported
- Unicode/Multibyte charset supported.
- Mutiple subtitle tracks support
- Increased subtitle readability with thicker border and shadow around text.
- HTTP Live Streaming with multiple bitrate
Supported devices
* ICS devices, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S
* Honeycomb tables(TF101,GT10.1,Iconia500) : 720p High@4.1 ( no weighted prediction )
* Samsung Galaxy S2 : 1080p H.264 high@5.1/MPEG-4,1080i AVCHD MTS
* Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy S and variants : 720p H.264 High@5.1
* Samsung Galaxy Tab(7') : 1080p H.264 High@5.1. 1080i have interlace artifacts.
* Samsung Galaxy Note : 1080p H.264 High@5.1
* HTC Desire HD,ThunderBolt : 720p High@3.1/4.0(some Level 4.0 file have shutter problem)
* HTC Desire and QSD8250 baesd devices : 720p H.264 High@3.
* HTC Evo 3D : 720p High@5.1/1080p High@5.1(some 1080p files have shuttering)
* Dell Streak,Venue : 720p H.264 High@3.1
* HTC wildfire: video capability depends on your firmware.
* Moto Atrix: 720p High@5.1
* Xiao mi: 720p High@4.1

More devices are supporting...

* Video capability depends on your devices HW video decodes' capability.
* Some devices(Moto Defy, Galaxy S/Tab) need gingerbread update.
* Tegra 2 based devices : H.264 High@4.1 ( no weighted prediction )

What's in this version:
- Improve image quality.
- Improve sw decoder performance by 50%.
- Improve large file (over 2GB) seek functions.
- Improve the hw decoding.
- Improve the UI more responsive.
- Fix bug of preferences.

More Info:


RootzWiki (Ad Free) v1.0.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Discuss favorite threads on !
Enjoy mingling with users and ROM/Kernel developers and themers in the most exciting Android forum around! Welcome to RootzWiki!

Features :
Discuss favorite threads on our forums.
Subscribe to favorite threads.
Customize look and feel.
This is a mobile app for

More Info:

Download Instructions:


RootDim [root] v1.52
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: RootDim was formerly known as SuperDim. RootDim requires root privileges on your device.

RootDim lets you dim LCD screens (and a few OLED ones) to very low levels--lower than the OS normally allows (that's why you need root privileges)--to save night vision. This will be particularly useful for serious amateur astronomers.
On some devices you can also turn off LEDs (e.g., power LED).
If you have ChainFire3D, RootDim will let you conveniently control the nightmode settings together with the brightness settings.
You can save up to five profiles that can be restored with a single touch in the RootDim screen. The profiles include LCD backlight brightness and nightmode settings (if applicable). Long touch on profile button to save, short touch to load.
You can also create launcher shortcuts for particular saved profiles and for cycling through all the profiles.
If RootDim doesn't work on your device, email me at before leaving a low rating. Maybe I can fix it.
Note 1: Some devices don't allow going below the minimum value allowed by the OS. There is really nothing I can do about that.
Note 2: There is a special feature for some Archos 70/101 devices that have a firmware problem that prevents them from waking up properly when they've been put to sleep with a low brightness (this problem occurs even if you don't have SuperDim). Go to Menu|Options and choose that option if you have one of these devices, and it should fix the problem.

More Info:


Remote Android Mouse v2.31
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The best remote Android mouse and keyboard out there. AndroMouse converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. Connection with your computer is made either using your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. AndroMouse also features speech-to-type which uses Google speech recognition to make your work easier.

Relax in your bed and search YouTube with your voice. You need to run AndroMouse Desktop Server in your computer to use AndroMouse. Please visit to download free desktop server, to watch an intro video and for a quick tutorial.

Mouse Features:
Tap click
Double tap to double click
Scroll with your two fingers (multi-touch)
Scroll bar
Easy dragging
Right click
Left handed mode
Keyboard Features:
Standard keyboard
Function and special keys
Ability to hold alt, ctrl and shift for combination keys
Other Features :
Auto IP detection
Connect using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (PC/MAC)
Color themes
Ability to add picture to mouse touch pad
Portrait and Landscape mode
Save recently used IPs
Easy connection
Clean UI
Numpad Features :
Dedicated numpad with multifunction keys
Mediaplayer Features :
Media remote with media buttons
Control your Windows Media Player/iTunes
Use your phone's volume keys to control system volume
System remote
Use this remote to restart/logoff/shutdown your system

More Info:


Relax Melodies Premium v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.3
Overview: Try Relax Melodies Premium for your Android today!

Relax Melodies Premium, the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance, is now available for your Android Phone! No more insomnia for you, tension is a thing of the past at any moment! Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 82, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. This is the ultimate relaxation experience and it's super easy to use!
* Sound background support. Relax while using other apps!
* Mix your favourite sounds together with different volume to create your own personal melodies
* 82 High quality ambient sounds including 6 binaural beat frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
* Timer system to stop the melodies when you go to sleep
* Individual sound volume adjustment
* Save, name and replay your favorite mixes easily
* Complete and easy to follow help screen
Get the most personalized relaxation experience it’s possible to have. With just a few taps, you can create the exact MELODY that resonates perfectly with you. With ambient and binaural selections, you can choose whether to simply relax or tell your brain that it’s time for sleep. It can even help your baby fall asleep faster!
Download it now and become one of the million relaxed users of Relax Melodies. You’re going to love how it will help you relax, meditate and sleep.

More Info:


Plex for Android v2.0.2.6
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Plex for Android allows you to browse and play your video, photos, and music right on your Android device, streamed from Plex Media Server on your Mac or your PC. Media is available from CNET, Revision3 and a many other popular online sources. With Plex Media Server for Mac you can stream additional content from Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes.

Plex for Android may NOT be for you for any of the following reasons:
* Netflix and Hulu are not supported on Plex for Android at this time.
* The app will not currently play video on Honeycomb/Android 3.0 (yes that includes the Xoom).
* The app will work but is not yet optimized for tablets and larger screens.
* Plex for Android won't be able to do anything unless you setup a server on your PC or Mac - which is available for free at
* You want to use Plex to get to your media remotely but you don't want to think about things like port-forwarding.
We strongly recommend that you have your Plex Media Server all ready to go BEFORE you buy Plex for Android.

What's in this version:
FIX Droid Razr, Droid 3, Droid Bionic video now works.
NEW ICS (Android 4.0) Supported
NEW tap zoom button to cycle through: scale to fit and full screen
FIX many video fixes: stuttering, sizing, audio but no video, resume and Direct Play from remote server.
FIX Progress now recorded during remote playback
FIX Android as a remote once again asks where to play.
FIX UX improvements for progress dialogs, seek thumb and small tablet layouts.

More Info:


Perfect Keyboard v1.3.3
Requirements: for Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: Take command of your Android device's touchpad keypad with a Perfect and smart Keyboard for android. You can customize the look of the keyboard with eight different themes and add additional functionality to your device. Perfect Keyboard lets you use custom dictionaries, control background and text colors, and adjust the keyboard's vibration density. In short, Perfect Keyboard allows you to setup your Android phone or tablet's touchpad keyboard so that it works best for you.

Note: Perfect Keyboard works only on Android 2.2 and up

Detailed Specifications:
- Multitouch keyboard
- User dictionary, built-in dictionary, supports AnySoftKeyboard International dictionaries (separate downloads from the Market)
- Configurable auto correction
- Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and style
- 8 Keyboard themes ( gingerbread,iPhone and more).
- Configurable colors for the keyboard buttons, background and text
- Configurable color for the word suggestion font
- Speech to text (select languages only)
- Custom vibration intensity (haptic feedback)
- Long press "Enter" key to bring up smiley alternatives
- Long press on "/" key in URL mode to bring up domains (you can configure the domains in the settings to better fit)
- Configurable sound style and volume ( Samsung,iPhone,android)
- Cursor Keys - swipe up on the space key to display.
- Gestures.
- Shortcuts (auto-text)
- External skins (some of better keyboard skins)
- Alt symbols on the keyboard.
- configure the layout of the keyboard (key height,row gap etc)
#Change Appearance and Themes:
To change appearance go to settings -> appearance

#About "collecting data" warning message:
That warning message is a part of the Android operating system, and it appears whenever a third party keyboard is enabled. You don't have to worry because the keyboard don't have permission to internet access.

Please report your bugs via email . If you report bugs in a Market comment I CAN'T help you.

Supported languages layout: English, French, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Czech(QWERTY,QWERTZ), Bulgarian, Catalan, Spanish, Esperanto, Danish, Italian, Finnish, Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Swedish,Latin, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Greek, Rumanian, Serbian, Hungarian

Tags: android keyboard,gingerbread keyboard,keyboards

What's in this version:
IMPORTANT NOTE: From this version we are moving to Perfect Keyboard dictionaries. AnysoftKeyboard dictionaries support will be removed.
Next word prediction (currently in English)
Better ICS support.
ICS skin.
Bug fixes.

More Info:


Panecal Scientific calculator v2.3.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Scientific calculator with multi-line formula view.

A multiline scientific calculator which can input a numerical formula.
* Re-edit the numerical formula by ? key.
* A vibration and orange color key input confirmation. You can modify the vibration length in ALT+Setup.
* Arithmetic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic function, power, power root function, factorial, and corresponds to the absolute value operations.
* DEG, RAD, GRAD mode.
* FloatPt, Fix, Sci, Eng mode.
* BS key, DEL key, INS key.

Adjustment of the key location:
In the case of new installation, the Panecal adjusts key location suitable for the resolution of the smartphone automatically. When it doesn't fit keys in the screen, you can adjust the key location automatically by changing parameter Margin function key=0, Margin ten key=0. In addition, you can set keys location inputting any number into these parameters.

System environment:
More than Android OS 2.1
More than resolution HVGA(480 *320)

What's New:
Added upgrade button into the menu.(Only free version)

More info:


Offline Dictionaries Pro v1.9.5
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Offline dictionaries allows you to browse dictionaries without a network connection, such as when you're on a plane, traveling abroad, or out of cellular tower range.

You download the dictionaries to the SD card the first time you launch the app. Choose which dictionary or dictionaries you want to download.

Perform advance searches in the dictionaries (with wild-cards), which come in handy when you're working on a crossword puzzle.

Definitions can also be read by the device using a text to speech module (some devices don't support this and some languages may not be available).

* no ad
* dictionaries added/updated in priority

There are more than 40 multi-lingual dictionaries to choose from, including:
* English dictionary
* English <-> French
* English <-> German
* English <-> Spanish
* English <-> Russian
* English <-> Portuguese
* English <-> Arabic
* English <-> Hebrew
* English <-> Korean
* English <-> Japanese
* English <-> Chinese
* French dictionary
* French <-> Spanish
* French <-> Czech
* French <-> German
* French <-> Italian
* French <- Japanese
* German <-> Russian
* Spanish dictionary
* Korean (full / law Hanja / Hanzi)
* Synonyms for English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Polish, Irish

What's in this version:
- App interface is now available in German.
- Added ability to reset current search by clicking right to the search field.
- Added German Wiktionary dictionary (BETA).

Provided by: -Market Militia-

More Info:


Movies v3.9.1
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Movies by Flixster. The #1 app for movie reviews, trailers and showtimes.

- Get showtimes for the top box office movies
- View local theaters
- Browse 65,000 DVDs
- Watch 15,000 trailers
- Read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
- Add and manage your Netflix queue

What's in this version:
Improved movie collection page loading time
Fixed movie collection page crash issue on Galaxy Nexus
Improved movie streaming quality on Honeycomb tablets
Restored Netflix DVD queue management feature
Added support for UltraViolet Digital Copy movie streaming on Honeycomb tablets (OS 3.1 and 3.2)

More Info:


Keyboard Manager (root users) v2.0
Requirements: ROOT USERS ONLY!!!
Overview: Change keyboards automatically based on phone orientation

Keyboard Manager allows you to customize what keyboard appears based on your phone orientation.
It displays the keyboards you have enabled on your android device, and let you select one per orientation (landscape/portrait).

As your phone switch orientation, the app automatically switch the keyboard.

What's in this version:
Code cleanup

More Info:


Headset Button Controller v5.7
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Headset Button Controller is very configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command and many other things, just by clicking the button on your headset.

Once you have configured Headset Button Controller with your preferences, it runs in the background using almost no CPU. It is shipped with a default configuration profile, but you can change almost every action performed. It has been tested with a wide variety of different Android devices and music apps and works with both single-button headsets, and Android-specific 3-button headsets.

Default configuration for single-button headsets (center button for 3-button headsets):
Single press: play / pause (+ answer call / end call)
Double press: next track (+ decline call / mute microphone)
Triple press: previous track
Quadruple press: previous track (2x)
Long press: Volume control
Press and hold: Fast forward [3]
Double press and hold: Rewind [3]
Triple press and hold: disabled
All of the above options are configurable to any of the following:
Play / pause
Next track
Previous track
Previous track (twice)
Mute / unmute
Voice command
Voice search
Redial last number
Say current time (Text-To-Speech required)
Launch app
Tasker task [1]
Additionally the long press options are configurable to any of the following:
Volume control [2]
Rewind [3]
Fast forward [3]
With a 3-button headset, volume control is also configurable with the left and right headset buttons.
If you have the Tasker app installed, you can specify any task - search for 'Tasker' in the Android Market
While the button is held down, the volume is initially reset to the minimum limit (see below) and then raised until the button is released
Not every music player app supports rewind / fast forward

Music app selection
You are able to choose which installed music app you want to control with Headset Button Controller.

Volume control features
Headset Button Controller remembers the music volume when the headphone is unplugged and can restore it when the headphone is plugged in again.
Min volume limit: Start volume level of the 'volume control' command
Max volume limit: Ensures that the headset music volume never exceeds this limit
olume control speed: Specify how fast you want the volume to be increased when using the long press option

Call features
You are also able to control calls with the headset button:
answer call / end call on single press (configurable)
decline call / mute microphone on double press (configurable)
adjust volume during a call (see volume control)
announce caller name (Text-To-Speech required)
You can also configure Headset Button Controller to automatically answer an incoming call after a configurable delay.

Headset plug in / out
You can configure an action to be performed when the headset is plugged in / out. By default the music will get stopped if you unplug your headset.

You can create different 'configuration profiles' which you can switch between. Add a widget (1x1) to your home screen to easily change your profile. It is also possible to switch profile from the 'Tasker' or 'Locale' app. All settings can be backed up on SD card.

Headset Button Controller cannot support the separate volume control buttons on the iPhone headset - this is a limitation of the Android framework.
Make sure that this app does not get stopped by a task killer (the background process consumes almost no CPU).

More Info:


GO Power Master v1.0 beta1
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Another new GO App is coming! It is called GO Power Master. A professional defender for your battery!

Another new GO App is coming! It is called GO Power Master. A professional defender for your battery!

This is the first beta version of the GO Power Master. Have a try now.

If you have any problem, please tell us from the feedback.

You can check your battery using condition and the power using of the apps,

You can manage the running apps by the GO Power Master too. Killing the apps running background will help you save much power.

It can help you to take the least power to use your phone too. Just by changing the phone to any mode you want.

Many new features are waiting for for you test.

More Info:

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